Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2fer... Saitek A-200 Portable 2.1 Speaker System - 2 Pack

1. PriceGrabber Prices... quel surprise 2. Shopzilla Prices... solid again 3. Smarter.com Prices... hot mascot
4. BizRate.com Prices... oldie AND goodie 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices... good enough 6. MSN Shopping Prices... eh
7. Shopping Prices... not impressed 8. NexTag Prices... never great 9. Froogle Prices... hate you
... 4 stars on Amazon... and you can get TWO for far less than any comparison site is selling a single one of these protective cup looking things... or maybe it looks like a bike seat... either way... it looks exactly like something i would love to have... top listings for the day go to Shopzilla.com cuz they're site is a pretty color, and PriceGrabber.com cuz they have this thing coalated like people cared... i love that... but don't get this if you need it by Santa Day... woot's powers are great... but apparently not greater than the usps.. hehe
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
Portable Speakers for iPods and other Media Players ... awesome... portable speaker systems for iPods... some for just over $10

Refresher: Today's Woot
Saitek A-200 Portable 2.1 Speaker System - 2 Pack - $59.99
  • Listen to great quality music anywhere
  • Unique EAVS® technology provides superb active bass performance
  • Works with all portable media players as well as PC and Mac
  • True digital 2.1 stereo delivered through two 3W tweeters and 3W sub-woofer (RMS)
  • Unique EAVS® (Expanded Air Volume System) expands in use to provide impressive bass range and clarity
  • Neodymium speaker magnets increase efficiency and reduce magnetic interference
  • Speakers feature aluminum cones
  • Frequency range 100Hz – 20 KHz
  • Integrated volume and on/off controls, plus EAVS® activation
  • Connect to all portable media players (MP3, CD, DVD, MPEG4, Sony PSP) and laptops via 3.5mm jack audio cable (provided)
  • Plays up to 24hrs with 4xAAA batteries( not included)
  • AC adapter and protective travel case included


Anonymous said...

J-J-J-Jessie's got. Too much time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before you got tired of spending an hour every night pricing crap for someone else. Why is there no blog post for tonight, is there a Dr. Who marathon on or something?

Anonymous said...

I believe its "her" hands.