Friday, December 15, 2006

Sima Hitch USB-101 Digital Transfer System ...

1. Prices 2. Shopzilla Prices 3. Prices
4. MSN Shopping Prices 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices 6. Froogle Prices
7. Shopping Prices 8. PriceGrabber Prices... is weak 9. NexTag Prices a girl who doesn't know much about a few things, i gotta say... i'm totally stumped on this product... i guess if you get how to use it, it'll make things wicked faster when illegally sharing your illegally downloaded music with friends... i'm all for that... i'll just read the instruction booklet once or twice and i should be fine... fyi, this thing got a 6.7 on CNET... double fyi, i didn't rank the rankings... ER is on... i'm sure you understand... triple fyi, bizrate has a lot more listings, for some reason they're not all listed together... so check here and here.
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Refresher: Today's Woot
Sima Hitch USB-101 Digital Transfer System - $59.99
  • Hitch is compliant with all Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy-protection, allowing you to choose who has permission to experience your media.
  • Hitch is compatible with Mass Storage Devices, Photo Transfer Protocol at USB 2.0 speeds.
  • Hitch is easy to use – the bright white backlit LCD Display and speedy scroll-wheel make navigation smooth. The intuitive interface makes it easy to select single files, entire albums, or the whole collection.
  • Works with all major USB devices – iPodTM and other Digital Media Players, Digital Cameras, Thumb Drives, Video Cameras, and more
  • Speedy scroll wheel for easy navigation
  • No computer needed
  • USB 2.0 Compliant Device
  • Upgradeable, LINUX based Operating System
  • Reads MP3 Tag info and digital camera PTP Databases
  • Bright, backlit LCD screen
  • Charges USB Devices
  • Rechargable Battery


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are teh ghey! Get a life, and stop wasting hours a day advertising for Woot! Unless you are getting paid by them, then by all means keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

that comment is lame. why would anyone be getting paid by woot to post links to 10 websites other than woot? and learn to spell next time you're going to try to put someone down, sir. good job Jess. i'm enjoying your blog greatly thus far. the service is much appreciated by many-a-wooter.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, this blog is greatly appreciated by me. Keep the great work.

Justin said...

Mmhmmm....thanks for all 'yer hard work.

I really wish all the text on this submit comment section was in English as opposed to Japanese...but that's my fault, not yours. Heh.

Benjamin said...

Thanks for the info. Great blog, I just can't seem to find the Hitch for under $90. Can anyone help?