Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1/10... omg, i need this... Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX Webcam

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1. 3.5 stars 2. 4 stars 3. no reviews goodness... this is exaclty what we all need... imagine how fun that would be to sit at your laptop at 10PM PST, chattin' on the message board... checkin' out what color PJ's elpepe is wearing and all this... get this woot... comparison sites aren't real close... some give woot a run... and some have solid similar products at good prices... but the woot is great... if you don't mind oem... i don't... let's do this... but be warned, i woot right when i get back from the gym... so the sports bra maybe be showing... j/k... you guys wish... ick... just get the woot.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
Shopzilla's Lingerie Catalog ... cuz i know most of you guys are guys... which mean pervs... which means you'll enjoy... so enjoy.

Refresher: Today's Woot
Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX Webcam - $19.99
  • # Switched privacy shade – Makes launching, muting and closing video sessions easy.
  • # VGA video sensor with RightLight™ technology – Sharper images and video performance even in dim lighting.
  • # Integrated Microphone with RightSound™ technology – Logitech’s exclusive RightSound™ technology ensures your voice comes through clearly and echo-free.
  • # Snapshot button – Taking stills is fast and easy.
  • # Flexible clip – Attaches to any monitor or notebook, and stands on a tabletop.
  • # Set-up in 3 quick steps – Logitech software walks you through the process.
Interesting to Note:
  • # The bullet points for this woot had periods at the end of them, which is not proper composition.
  • # I'm wearing that sports bra i mentioned earlier as we speak, cuz i just got home from playing some volleyball.. hehe.
  • # I lied about that.


oceallach said...

Hey. I take offense at you implying I am a perv just because i am a guy. However, you are probably right. Wait, you ARE And to prove it, you should have just linked to Amazon. Apparently, now I have to restrict amazon to my kids! for the reference search on: "2 piece set includes cami-garter and matching thong"...oh and stay away from the "magic silk charmeuse print thong"....perv!

side note: keep up the great work!!!

jbirdjavi said...

Wow, so since I'm a guy, I'm also a perv? I never knew... Thanks for letting me know!! :D