Thursday, January 4, 2007

Motorola Home Monitoring... REALLY?

Comparison Site Rankings:
1. Shopzilla Prices 2. Prices 3. Prices
4. Prices 5. PriceGrabber Prices 6. NexTag Prices
Online Reviews:
2. 2.5 stars 1. 3.
...these woots are slippin' indeed... i'm not one to complain, but i'm finding it difficult to come up with witty/entertaining banter about all this crud... however, this IS a good deal... i left out some of the comparison prices and i'm not putting up the images... cuz i don't wanna for this junk... i'm not sure what someone would want with it... but woot's got a great deal... i think its about time for a killer wii sale or a super hot lcd tv bargain... SOMETHINg... please... i have gold on my finger tips, just waiting to be typed... i just need the right woot to set it free... you know... hehe.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
Shopzilla's Post Holiday Sale ... cuz there's lots of them... and the woot is bunk... and i'm bored.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are more pathetic than we thought. Everyone here said you would grow tired of spending hours a night slaving over redundant pricing info that 3 people look at weeks ago. But there I go again, underestimating the painfully pathetic lives of others. BTW, do you get good enough reception from Mom's basement to see last night's rerun of ST:TNG? It was as bad as your breath after all weekend of not brushing because no one comes to see you.

Anonymous said...

Well.... I saw it and found it entertaining? So, I guess there's two more people like me somewhere!

jessiebyrd004 said...

if by "3 people" you mean "over 1,000 visitors per night", then I guess you're right. The blog is doing well and i'm receiving a lot of good feedback. So i'm gonna keep on doing it.

P.S. regarding the "spending hours a night" portion of your comment, it probably took you longer to think of and type your weak/boring comment then it did for me to create last nights pricing entry. I'm serious. Grow up.

P.P.S. Thanks to all the supporters. holler.

Ryan said...

Hey .. you may want to check out the demo on smarthomeusa .. heres a link: Homesight demo videos. It shows a good deal of what the system cna do.

They also seem to be offering 10% off all accessories .. cool

Anonymous said...

to the first, you're an ass. on top of which, your own life is so boring/pathetic (by your standards) that you not only clicked the link from jessie's sig, but then decided you should take the time to write out a short paragraph.

and last but not least, you didn't even have the balls to post under a real identity.

get a freakin life.

Anonymous said...

Ba-ZING! Good job jessie. First commentor is a loser. Don't pay him no mind.