Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mouse 2 pack... you had me at herro

Comparison Site Rankings:
1. BizRate.com Prices 2. Shopzilla Prices 3. Smarter.com Prices
4. MSN Shopping Prices 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices 6. Froogle Prices
7. Shopping.com Prices 8. PriceGrabber Prices 9. NexTag Prices
Online Reviews:
1. Amazon.com... no review... but the sell it. 2. CNET.com... none 3. Epinions.com... none
... hard to judge on this one... the 3 button mouse is all the rage with the kids these days... i remember just the other month, my little nephew who just turned 4 was begging for a 3 button mouse... he told me that he's the only kid on the block who doesn't have one... how embarassing... if you have young kids, or know any, just get the woot... p.s. the comparison sites sell them in 10's... you can decide what you want from that... seriously... you have nothing else to lose... you never know what might happen... if you saw 24 tonight, you know what i mean... its not worth the risk... no regrets... just get the woot.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
THE Super Awesomest Mouse on Shopzilla ... cuz if i had my druthers... this would be my b%$CH!

Refresher: Today's Woot
Kensington 3 Button Optical Scroll Mouse - 2 Pack - $2.99
  • * High-tech design, plus optical technology at outstanding price point
  • * Sleek modern design in black color
  • * Comfortable for both right- and left-handed users
  • * DiamondEye™ optical technology for unmatched acceleration and control
  • * No need to clean moving parts with completely enclosed electronics
  • * Scroll wheel quickly pages through long documents or Web pages
  • * Comfortable, rounded shape for right- or left-handed users
  • * Guaranteed compatibility with PCs PS2 connection
Things Woot Didn't Tell You:
  • * No one wants this mouse
  • * The last time one was purchased, anywhere in the world, was 1998... and that was in Laos

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