Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2-fer tuesday... too good... too good.

Comparison Site Rankings:
9. BizRate... nope 8. PriceGrabber... nill 7. Smarter.com... dumb
6. Shopping.com Prices... sorta 5. Shopzilla Prices... a couple 4. NexTag Prices... a couple
3. MSN Shopping Prices... a couple 2. Yahoo Shopping Prices... a couple 1. Froogle Prices... a couple
Online Reviews:
1. Amazon.com... Gots it 2. CNET.com... nizzopers
...doing rankings backwards... partly for funzies... partly in homage to the ranking debacle that went down on yesterdays post... i know you'll love it... the short story is, if you need earphones, grab these up... they're not a big name brand... but they look nice, and i'm sure they'll get the job done... especially considering the price.. nice woot... indeed.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
ALL Earphones UNDER $30 on Shopzilla ... cuz that's what we're here for.. i know it.

Refresher: Today's Woot
Razer Pro|Tone m100 In-ear Ear Phones - $29.99
  • * Tiny but mighty
  • * Rich, full bodied sound enhanced by ProBass™ Technology
  • * Interchangeable ear plugs in 3 sizes for comfortable fit
  • * Lightweight for listeners on the move
  • * In-The-Ear Secure Fit for Optimal Performance
  • * Noise isolation is maximized while comfort & fit are uncompromised
  • * Deeply enhanced bass specifically engineered for digital players
  • * Provides greater sound output and a more accurate music reproduction
  • * Custom-designed carrying case
  • * Includes a jet-set adaptor for air travel providing total convenience in storage and portability
  • * 2-fer... perfect for people who love to lose things... and the siamese twins of the world (is saying that un-p.c.)


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nice attempt at making some money...

and second

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wow my first top three ever !

james miller said...

Useful Linkage is the most useful of all linkage blogs. This is the truth. Jessie Byrd (if that's your real name), thank you very much for all you do. A great blog.

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some people don't get it.... but that's fine... i deleted a couple rude comments today... i'm a big girl... i can hang... but please, try to be more polite next time