Friday, February 2, 2007

2/2... non-woot-off... HP Digital Cam... HP stand for Hates Poundgame

Comparison Site Rankings:
1. Shopzilla Prices... amazing! 2. Prices... very well did 3. PriceGrabber Prices... nice
4. Prices... decent 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices... not special 6. Froogle Prices... good
7. Prices... average 8. MSN Shopping Prices... awkward 9. NexTag Prices... whack
Online Reviews:
1. Amazon... 4 stars... from 14 reviews (that's solid) 2. 6/10... approximately 3. 2 stars
...not that i don't love woot-offs... but MAN, that was long... anyways... business tells me that the HP Photosmart Digital Camera isn't a bad buy... in particular, the hp photosmart m517 digital camera... obviously it's not the best buy for hardcore photo enthusiasts... but for peeps who wanna get their mom's and/or grandmas something they can ejoy, i think this is a super buy... so go ahead and pick it up... Valentine's is around the corner, and KNOW mamma hatfield would love a new fangled hp digital camera... besides, she's tired of your lame old hallmark cards and day-late phonecalls... trust me. (p.s. if y'all didn't notice, i started putting some products on the side that i think are useful with regards to whatever woot is up for the day aswell... let me know if it's dumb)
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
Shopzilla's Valentine's Day Guide ... cuz there's no better way to say "i wanna hump" you then with the gift of a pink ipod or some lingerie

Refresher: Today's Woot
HP Photosmart M517 5.2 Megapixel Digital Camera - $89.99
  • Get crisp and clear distance shots with 24x total zoom—HP Precision 3x optical lens, 8x digital.
  • Remove red-eye on the spot—the camera identifies and eliminates red-eye without software touchups.
  • Automatically bring out details, normally lost in shadows, with HP Adaptive Lighting technology.
  • Easily frame and view photos, menus, and more—indoors or out—on a bright, 2-inch image display.
  • A stylish, easy-to-use design features a grip for one-handed shots and an intuitive button layout.
  • Select where to send photos as you take them—then e-mail without attachments using HP Instant Share.
  • Easily edit, organize, print, and share digital photos using included HP Image Zone software.
  • Also fits snuggly in your pocket to trick girls into thinking you have a square package.


dockerdog said...

Hey Jessie, love your comments and appreciate the comparison links you provide. I don't blame you though for giving up on the latest woot-off, that's more than any man, woman, or beast should try to follow and comment on. Nevertheless, keep up the good work! PS.. the "i wanna hump" link to Shopzilla is greatly appreciated, thanks for that! ;-)

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