Friday, March 2, 2007

lecturer's beware... that voice recorder is actually a radio...

Comparison Site Rankings:
1. Shopzilla Prices... useful 2. Prices... useful 3. Prices... useful
4. MSN Shopping Prices... sloppy 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices... sloppy 6. Froogle Prices... sloppy
7. Prices... off 8. PriceGrabber Prices... off 9. NexTag Prices... off
Online Reviews:
1. 4 stars 2.
...refurbed... old... unwanted... what in the world would ever convince a person to woot this 512MB mp3 player with fm tuner and voice recorder capabilities... you're askin' me?... like i know... ha... if i had the answer, i'd be writing something completely different from what i'm typing now... you know?... it's like asking a blind dog in a room full of purple lunch boxes to find the fire hydrant and pee on it... you know what i'm sayin... anyways... shopzilla and have good listings... bizrate has a listing with no stores... msn, yahoo, and froogle have listings, but those sites don't oranize their junk well enough to keep my attention... and the other ones have similars... solid ratings on amazon... enjoy.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
MP3 Player Buying Guide on BizRate ... cuz it's neato

Refresher: Today's Woot
SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder - $17.99 (refurbished)
  • Plays MP3, WMA, and WMA DRM
  • Stores over 8 hours/120 songs of MP3; 16 hours/240 songs of WMA music (Playback at 128 kbps MP3, 64 kbps WMA)
  • Digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations
  • Voice Recorder with built-in microphone
  • Create multiple custom playlists
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port for fast and easy transfer of files
  • Up to 15 hours continuous playback using one AAA battery (included)
  • Indigo backlit multi-line LCD display
  • Dimensions: 2.96” x 1.28” x .82” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 28.9 grams (without battery), 39.7 grams (with battery)


Anonymous said...

Jessie do you ever order anything all text zero woots Why is that?

jessiebyrd004 said...

its in the "about me" thing on the side nav... long story short... i can't impulse buy... tried a million times... just can't do it... that doesn't lessen my love for woot and what it does though... not in the slightest.

Sarah... said...

I'm the same way. Been on woot for months. Never bought a thing. Its just fun to shop. Buying is less exciting to me. It's all about the "thrill of the hunt", as they say.

Anonymous said...

You BLEW it! I wanted an update for the First Alert woot! I'll never come back here. I'm going to spread the word on the woot! forums too. said...

The comment above this one is lame. We all know its the same ONE guy posting these anonymous comments, trying to hate. If you don't like it, don't view the blog. Quit being a hater. I can assure you that hating on something never does anything to deter others from doing that which you hate. NO ONE listens to haters. Everyone knows that haters are just bitter losers. So help yourself and knock it off. P.S. i know i'm being a "hater" right now, but hating on haters. But that's different, obviously.

Anonymous said... has been signed up for many, many spam e-mail lists per my sources.

Anonymous said...

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