Wednesday, March 28, 2007

monitoring that pressure since 1979...

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...soooo... yeeeah... um... ... this woot could be amazing... i'm waiting to see the reaction... seems like a good deal... though i'm usually not a fan of the "non-sweet electroics" woots... this is close, but i'm not sure... tire pressure monitoring, on the other hand, is key for effective gas milage efficiency adjustments (according to that radio commercial i often hear)... so if that's your thing, go for it... a few of the comparison shopping engines fell off the wagon on this one.. but they're semi-useful... though, not very... so be warned... also, this woot might serve as a good easter basket stuffer for those grease monkey hubbies/boyfriends some of us ladies have... indeed.
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ALL Crazy Useful Auto Repair Tools on Shopzilla ... cuz some of us just can't get up the nerve to pay for AAA

Refresher: Today's Woot
Valet 9104 4-Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Display - $99.99
  • Measures pressure & temperature in all 4 tires
  • Pre-programmed sensors supplied in sleep mode to preserve battery life
  • Fast leakage warning
  • Adjustable pressure level settings
  • Tire rotation “on-screen”
  • Easy installation
  • High temperature warning
  • On board diagnostics, self checks after each vehicle start
  • Configurable display settins (PSI, Bar,°F, °C)
  • Early fault detection
  • Not dependant on reference value, reads actual conditions
  • Able to detect multiple leakages at one time
  • Suitable for run-flat tires
  • Suitable for spare tire
  • Much more precise than indirect systems
  • Works while stationary and moving
  • Wide operational band

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