Saturday, March 10, 2007

refurbed usb remotes remind me of something else....

Comparison Site Rankings:
1. Shopzilla Prices... lots and lots 4. Prices... lots 2. Prices... plenty
3. Prices... plenty 5. Yahoo Shopping Prices.. enough 9. Froogle Prices... some
6. PriceGrabber Prices... some 8. NexTag Prices... a few 7. MSN Shopping Prices... uno
Online Reviews:
1. 4 stars on 2. 7.9 on
...Flicka... what a crappy crappy movie... see what i mean.... but still, reviews say this remote control is pretty solid... so take a look, just in case... shopzilla, in particular, has a crazy amount of merchants selling this thing... but man, Flicka sure was a crappy movie... if i had this remote while i was watching that DVD (literally 15 minutes ago) i would've used the remote to turn it off... or something clever like that.
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
ALL Stereo Receivers on Shopzilla ... cuz those are key if you're gonna have a setup worth of this remote

Refresher: Today's Woot
Logitech Harmony 659 Advanced Universal Remote - $44.99 (refurbished)
  • # LCD screen: The compact, always-on LCD displays menus, commands and built-in media guides. Six buttons surrounding the LCD correspond to various options and commands presented on the screen.
  • # Hard buttons: A total of 51 hard buttons are included on the H-659, providing full control over your devices with separate menu, transport, keypad and volume/channel sections.
  • # Full backlighting: Both the LCD screen and all hard buttons are backlit with a blue electroluminescent (EL) panel. The backlight can be configured for a 5 or 10 second timeout.
  • # Soft-labelled buttons: The LCD screen can show multiple pages of device functions with customized text labels for both activities and devices.
  • # More memory: The H-659 includes double the amount of memory as on the SST-748 or SST-745 for more TV guide data.
  • # Internet programmable: All remote configuration is completed through the internet. Very little software to download, and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac computers


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I love the links. It is soooo helpful!

I gotta hand it to you. Your mom's basement must get cold and lonely when you really look deep inside and realize that you spend an hour or more putting together all of this info for about 7 people to look at.

Woot should pay you! You help us all out! How do you do it! You are great!

Everyone knows how to type "" into a browser and find out of it's a good price. You, on the other hand, take it to a whole new Ghey level and spend hours of your seemingly endless amounts of spare time putting together links for ~7 people you don't know, and one of them is a guy that constantly berates you.

Great blog, I love the links! You are such an asset to the community! Keep it up! Don't listen to that other guy! He's such a jerk!

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Yeah... She's CRAZY! Thanks anonymous one. CRAZY.

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Also, I'm so jealous about how Jessie rolls around 10pm. Ohhh... Baby.

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I'd love to roll with Jessie 'round 10pm.

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thanks for the comments guys... and btw, if "7 people a night" is the new slang term for 1,000+ unique visitors each and every day, then you hit it spot on. thanks for noticing mr. anonymous #1 who posted at 9:32 AM and doesn't know how to spell the word 'gay'. You're one of my favorite regulars.