Monday, March 26, 2007

a twista... a twista...

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1. Amazon... 4.5 or 5 stars EASY... and they've got TONS of reviews me one person who DOESN't want a dyson vacuum... i know you can't... man these things seem amazing... i wish i had the guts to buy one... i've been unable to buy a vacuum for more than $30 for my whole life... i'm workin on it though... but yeah... this is a good woot... obviously its dope... look on amazon... bazillions of reviews... all good... and the lowr reach attachment is crucial... that's an extra $49 easy... good woot, woot.. plus its a cute color
THE More Useful Link O' The Day
ALL Decorating Tips from Domino on Shopzilla ... cuz Domino's a smart magazine... hip, etc... trust me... i used to subscribe

Refresher: Today's Woot
Dyson DC07 Low Reach Vacuum - $299.99
  • # Has all of the features of a DC07 steel/yellow plus a Dyson-engineered low reach floor tool that cleans easily under sofas and beds and adjusts for bare floors and carpets
  • # Low reach floor tool for easier cleaning under low furniture. Attaches to the reversible wand to clean hard to reach places such as under beds and sofas.
  • # 17’ quick-draw hose - Just press the catch and the 17ft hose is ready to use
  • # Approved for allergy sufferers - The British Allergy Foundation aims to improve awareness of and treatment of allergies and advises people of allergy-friendly products to buy.
  • # DCO7 uses Root Cyclone technology to maintain constant suction and to remove even the smallest particles of dust, which is why it has been endorsed by BAF.
  • # Hygienic and quick to empty – You don’t have to touch the dust, just pull the trigger.

1 comment:

Civisi said...

I wooted one of these. It arrived today and I vacuumed (1 c and 2 u's or 2 c's and 1 u?) the whole house today.

ick...Real easy to use. 5 year warranty. $300 over 5 years is $5 per month. Yeah, I'm up for that.