Saturday, March 31, 2007

woot'll turn your knees black...

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... Ultrex Travel Mug Coffee maker... i must say, i love this idea... its so hard to find a coffee maker that can fit a travel mug these days... well, at least a cheap one... i don't know what i would do if my single cup coffee maker wasn't tall enought to fit my travel mug... and i'm totally serious about this, btw... totally... as far as i'm concerned, this woot is completely ribs... more ribs than you understand... trust a sister.
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ALL Coffes and Teas on Shopzilla ... cuz yummy coffees and teas make the world a litle brighter... somehow

Refresher: Today's Woot
Ultrex 415994 Travel Mug Coffee Maker - $12.99
  • * Stainless Steel, 14 oz. Thermal Travel Coffee Mugs with Handles Fit Most Car Cup Holders
  • * Coffee Mug Lids are angled for better flow and have a two-position (open/close) hole cover.
  • * Punctuated bullet points... how tacky.


Anonymous said...

Interesting item, could be good for my wife and me (she likes her coffee light, I like mine strong.) Only feature missing though (which makes it a no-buy item for us) is a timer, we like to set up our coffee the night before and have it ready in the morning before we get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

Buy a timer that you plug the coffeemaker into. They are real cheap and you can use it for other stuff too.

Anonymous said...

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