Thursday, April 12, 2007

this watch is so old school... love it.

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...this is the kinda watch my older brother used to wear back in jr. high... that's awesome... comparison engines aren't too useful today either... sorry guys... i tried... this one was hopeless... but you should definitely get this woot... your 5 year old nephew will love this as a bday or xmas gift... promise.
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ALL Super Hot HIGH End Watches on Shopzilla ... cuz watches are probably the most important of all accessories

Refresher: Today's Woot
Abacus Atomic Men's Stainless Steel Watch - $19.99
  • * Atomic watch syncs with the world atomic clock daily
  • * Global reception DCF (Germany), MSF (UK), WWVB (US), JJY40/60 (Japan)
  • * Time display: 12/24 hour, hourly chime
  • * Datedisplay : month/day or day/month, day of week, week number
  • * World time, world date with city name
  • * Dual time: Home city and world city
  • * Auto DST (daylight saving time)
  • * 4 Daily alarms
  • * Chronograph in 1/100 sec, counts up to 23hr 59min 59.99sec
  • * Countdown timer
  • * EL backlight
  • * Low battery indicator


Anonymous said...

well I am sorry Jessie the useful post info suggestion didn't work out ... apparently WOOT is loosing his mojo BIG TIME.

francis said...

yeah. its unfortunate, to be sure. but it seems that this blog does fine whether in the quality-post section or not. keep up the good work jess.

Anonymous said...

jessi, you can do better than that .. all the best..