Saturday, May 12, 2007

make it hot... Weather Aboveground

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1. Shopzilla Listings... three 2. Listings... five 3. Become Listings... two
4. Nextag Listings... nine 6. PriceGrabber Prices... two 7. Prices... three
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1. 2 stars...
... perfect time to get a Wireless Weather Station... its gettin hot in here... so make sure you know your limits... for me, it's 75... and 62... that's my max and min.... so be advised... don't invite me on a spur of the moment renedezvous across the world to romantic paris in december... i'm not going... with regards to the woot... the comparison engines have some solid lists for this la cross weather station... but they don't come close... you can still look though, cuz some are interesting... the review on amazon's not that great... but what do they know...
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ALL Webkinz on Shopzilla... yes WEEBKINZ ... cuz they're super hot now with the kids... you gotta see them.

Refresher: Today's Woot
La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station - $17.99
  • Weather forecasting function with 3 weather icons and weather tendency indicator
  • Forecasting icons change based upon barometric trend
  • Monitors indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor humidity
  • Records and displays min/max temperatures with time stamp
  • Includes one TX6U remote sensor with transmission range of approximately 80 feet (unobstructed)
  • System can utilize up to a total of three remote sensors
  • Barometric pressure tendency arrow
  • Includes detachable stand or can be mounted on the wall
  • Has clock with digital time
  • Outside temperature range from –21.8 to 156.2 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Indoor temperature range from 32 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Temperature accuracy rated at +/- 1.5 degree F
  • Humidity range: 25%-95%
  • Indoor temperature updated every 10 seconds
  • Indoor humidity updated every minute
  • Outdoor temperature updated every minute


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Hello it is me ! Anonymous!
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What is calling me into action this time from my anonymous place in the world is your new site lay out ... hmmm .... hmmm I have to say that the traditional jessiebyrd format was better for me. Well just my 2c. KUDOS JESSIEBYRD!

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yeah... i like the orig layout more too... i'm just trying this one out... i still have more tweaking to do before i make a final decision... but i'm probbaly gonna put it back the way it was... much cuter colors... etc.