Monday, December 17, 2007

monday electronics... We Don’t Consider Silver Second-Best

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... Kodak 8MP Digital Camera and Multifunction Printer Bundle. Wow. Sure, its Kodak. But people like Kodak for various reasons. Price combined with quality, this deal probably can't be beat. As usual, a great holiday gift (for grandma, or yourself). I think its worth a shot. Don't let me stop you. You're lucky to find the camera alone at this price on the CSEs. Really amazing. SO basically the printer is free. Do it.

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ALL Kodak Printers on Shopzilla ... cuz the linkage must be complete

Refresher: Today's Woot
Kodak 8MP Digital Camera and Multifunction Printer Bundle - $149.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # 8.0 megapixel resolution (3273 × 2457)
  • # 1/1.8" CCD (8.32 MP, 3350 × 2483)
  • # 3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom
  • # 2.5" diagonal LCD display
  • # 32MB internal memory
  • # Kodak Perfect Touch technology
  • # Digital image stabilization
  • # TTL auto focus
  • # Normal/macro/infinity auto focus modes
  • # AF assist light
  • # AE lock
  • # ISO sensitivity up to 1600
  • # Multiple metering modes
  • # Five white balance modes
  • # 22 scene modes


Anonymous said...

my mother just got this camera. it's actually pretty decent. i wouldn't say its 'amazing', but its pretty good. and this price, plus the printer, no brainer. in for 3.

James H. said...

Yeah. The camera is pretty good. I can't speak for the printer though. Probably average at best.