Friday, January 18, 2008

swatch watch sale... Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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... Swatch Paparazzi Watch. Swiss peeps sure do make some snazzy watches. And you won't find this one anywhere else for less than $50 or $60. Get it before it's gone.

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Refresher: Today's Woot
Swatch Paparazzi Watch - $19.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • * Swiss Made
  • * Receives data directly from MSN Direct service, No PC required.
  • * Receives Headline News, Sports Scores, Stock Quotes, Weather Forecasts, Daily Horoscopes, Lottery Numbers, and Personal Messages
  • * Buckle Clasp
  • * Water Resistant
  • * Customizable Watch Faces
  • * Chronograph (Stop Watch)
  • * Alarm
  • * Dual time
  • * Automatic time zone adjustments


James said...

As simple as this watch looks, I think its looks very cool. I'll get it.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? This watch is ghey. Amazingly inexpensive, but still ghey.

Anonymous said...

one Q. If I dun buy msn direct plan, will i still be able to activate the watch n few free services ?
Do lemme know,if yes i am planning to buy 3 as gifts

Anonymous said...

probably too late now. Sold out, son!