Friday, February 8, 2008

deal or no deal... You Have Ten New Messages

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... Uniden TRU12803 5.8Ghz 3 Handset Phone with Answering System. Three ought to cover it. Not sure what else you'd need. One set of phones takes care of the house, the garage, AND the toilet. Well played woot. Wellll played.

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ALL Kamasutra Book Deals on Shopzilla ... cuz i'm in a vday mood this week

Refresher: Today's Woot
Uniden 5.8Ghz 3 Handset Phone with Answering System - $29.99
Hot Product on Woot
  • # Toll Saver setting avoids long distance charges. When you call to check your messages, the Toll Saver setting will hang up after 2 rings if you do not have any messages
  • # Supports Call Waiting and up to 30 Caller IDs (Caller ID and Call Waiting are activated by your telephone company)
  • # Store up to 70 phone numbers alphabetically in the Advanced Address Book, and assign special ring tones to different callers
  • # Clarity Boost – You can manually improve the clarity by turning Clarity Boost on, if you encounter any interference
  • # Speakerphone on the handset
  • # Redial stores up to 5 most recently dialed numbers
  • # Transfer a call to the 2 other handsets
  • # Conference call up to 3 handsets
  • # Use the intercom to talk to the other handsets
  • # 7 Different ringer types
  • # Volume control on the earpiece and ringer
  • # Locate a missing handset by using the paging key

1 comment:

Bob said...

Think we've seen these on woot about a thousand times. Pretty sure no one wants them. I don't even have a landline phone at my house anymore. HAHA.