Friday, March 28, 2008

Doing the Useful Linkage Feed through FeedBurner now...

So, in an effort to serve the regulars better, I've started using FeedBurner to monitor the RSS feed for Useful Linkage. I see by the little ticker thingy on the left that a few of you have already switched over to the new feed. THANKS!

To everyone else, if you're already subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog (via Google Reader, iGoogle, Yahoo, Bloglines, or whatever), please be a peach and delete that feed you currently have and re-grab the feed using the links to the left. It will make it so your feed usage gets tracked via the FeedBurner stats thingy I have access to now and will help me serve you better in the long run. PLUS, it'll just make me smile. You'd like that, wouldn't you???

If you haven't subscribed to the feed yet, perfect timing. FeedBurner is cool and makes it look pretty simple and nice. Enjoy.


stella said...

I switched it. Thanks Ms. byrd.

Anonymous said...

"So, in an effort to serve the regulars better" ??? sounds like a whore