Monday, March 10, 2008

new week of wooting... No, We Don’t Have Any Grey Poupon

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... Samsung L74W 7.2MP Wide Angle Camera with 2GB SD Card and 60" Tripod. Well. The reviews aren't great on the digital camera. And I've never been a fan of Samsung Digital Cameras. But, then again, the tripod seems cool. What about that?

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Deals at the "Easter Shop" on Shopzilla ... cuz i like pastels

Refresher: Today's Woot
Samsung L74W 7.2MP Wide Angle Camera with 2GB SD Card and 60" Tripod - $169.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • * 28mm wide angle lens with 3.6x optical zoom
  • * Record movies at SVGA quality (800×592) and zoom up to 3.6x at the same time
  • * On camera movie editing, allows you to take a specific part of a movie and save it in another file. Also, capture still images from movies
  • * 3.0” color touch screen LCD
  • * World Tour Guide, has useful travel information from around the world
  • * Face Detection AF & AE automatically focuses on faces for portrait photos
  • * Advanced Shake Reduction reduces the effect of camera shake in low light conditions.
  • * Automatic ISO 1600 high sensitivity support, adjusts light sensitivity depending on your setting
  • * Red eye fix function on camera
  • * Wise Shot, takes a shot using both ASR and Flash simultaneously. It then compares the results and gives you the better picture of the two.


Stella said...

This woot is no good.

Now on to more important business. I can't believe Ranch didn't win the condiment poll!!!

sheva said...

What you talking about Stella BBQ is much better than Ranch any day.
Turbo Helicopters

Anonymous said...

OMG? BBQ????

Monty Alexander said...

hi, nice camera, I would like to this one camera. will u suggest me for any online comparison shopping portal where could i buy this in the lowest price ie.