Sunday, April 20, 2008

big shooter screwdriver sale

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... Bit Shooter Screwdriver with 24 Bits. I was sold once I heard 24 bits. Thank ya. If this sells out, I saw it on Shopzilla for about $10. Good deal.

Refresher: Today's Woot
Bit Shooter Screwdriver with 24 Bits - $4.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • * Bit loading system allows you to keep your bits in one place
  • * Quick loading cartridge stores up to 6 different bits
  • * Comes with 24 bits, Philips, Torx, Flathead and Square


Billy said...

If you know what this thing really is, please let me know. Any reasonable explanation and i WILL woot it.

Anonymous said...

it's a screwdriver.

Anonymous said...

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