Friday, April 4, 2008

Sale of the Sentry and an Air Book Link

BTW, it's sold out on Woot as of about Noon EST. So you best look someplace else if you want one. Good thing I put in the time and compiled all these nice CSE surge protector links for you. Hehe.

Top Comparison Site Rankings:
1. Shopzilla surge protectors 2. surge protectors 3. surge protectors
4. NexTag surge protectors 5. surge protectors 6. PriceGrabber surge protectors
The Online Reviews:
1. 2. A. Manufacturer Page

... Power Sentry Home Theater Surge Protector, Line Conditioner and UPS. Yeah. So with this one, its just like... "huh"? It's a Philips Power Sentry Theatre Director Advanced Battery Backup with Surge Protection S10423000201/17. At least it's by Philips, who I like. But still. I can't find much on this thing, so we'll just look at prices on other surge protectors. Maybe you can find one on the CSEs that's less than $100. I know you can. It might not be as fancy, but I bet it'll be close.

THE More Useful Link O' The Day
ALL Mac Air Sales on Shopzilla ... cuz it's so hot

Refresher: Today's Woot
Power Sentry Home Theater Surge Protector, Line Conditioner and UPS - $89.99
Hot Surge Protector on Woot
  • * Single unit that provides battery backup during outages and delivers pure, stable power for high performance AV.
  • * The preferred choice of power protection for high performance home entertainment systems
  • * H Type Power Conditioner combines surge protection, isolated noise filtering, and voltage regulation.
  • * Eliminates stress on component power supplies
  • * Eradicates EMI/RFI and voltage fluctuation as a source of AV signal degradation
  • * Protects equipment from damaging surges, spikes, voltages fluctuations, and lightning.


joe c.. said...

well isn't that special. thanks for the secondary links though.

Anonymous said...

True. Good idea on the useful links today Mrs. B. I bought a different surge protector as a result. Thanks.