Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter $5.99

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... Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter. These come in real handy for certain cell phones. Mine in particular. Except that I already have one. Although it's not Cube Memory brand, which makes me sad since Cube Memory SD cards are so great. But anyways. It's very very cheap in comparison to other SD cards found via the comparison shopping engines. Cube Memory CU-SDMC-4096-B 4GB Micro SD with Adapter

Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter - $5.99
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francis said...

I think my son needs one of these for his blackberry.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, NONE of those links lead to an actual $5.99 microSD card.

Lots of ads and spam, though. Thanks, guys!