Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic Heater - $34.99

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... DeLonghi MCH710T Multi-Position Ceramic Heater. Yes. It is going to start getting cold. Maybe not today, but definitely soon. If you work in a big office building, they probably leave the AC on too high. This DeLonghi MCH710T Multi-Position Ceramic Heater is exactly what the doctor ordered for this season. The reviews of DeLonghi Heaters are great too.

DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic Heater - $34.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # 1500 watts of radiant heat designed to warm your whole body, not just your feet
  • # Safe ceramic heating element provides intense directional flow of heat
  • # 2 heat flow settings allow you to regulate the output of warm air. High setting for 1500 watts or low setting for 825 watts, alternately the fan can be operated with out heat for summer ventilation
  • # Multi-position design functions both as a tower and a floor heater, great for the living room or garage


Anonymous said...

They say it will get cold in a few weeks, but where i live its TOO HOT today. What up wit dat homies?

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