Sunday, November 30, 2008

Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations

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... Slacker 2GB Portable WiFi Internet Radio Player w/15 Stations - 90260004. This one LOOKs hot and the price is good for a sleek looking 2GB mp3 player with internet and radio and all that. But the brand is too unknown. Sure, Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations by Slacker seem to be hip and the name (as far as names go) is pretty cool. But I'm worried. Get this one for a high school kid. They'll think it's cool just cuz it has the name slacker on it. Other than that, I can't find enough useful linkage to justify the purchase. That's just my opinion though.

Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations - $49.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # Take your personalized Slacker Radio stations with you anywhere you go
  • # Stores 2GB worth of music from the Slacker music service, you can take your favorite music with you, and never have to connect it to your computer
  • # Built-in MP3 player stores up to 500 MB of MP3s
  • # Album reviews and artist bios come with every song and are delivered right to your Slacker Portable. View them on the 4-inch color LCD
  • # Slacker has unique licensing agreements with thousands of record labels to give you free access to a variety of music. By working directly with the record labels, Slacker gets the latest content to ensure your radio stations always stay current
  • # Slacker basic radio is free, has one or two commercials per hour (significantly less than traditional radio), and allows you to skip up to six songs per hour; but allows you to switch station genres as many times as you want


Anonymous said...

This one looks cool. I'd buy one.

nilis said...

Where can i get one like this i am running an
internet radio website and will love to sell some of these nice gadget

bonnie said...

This Music player looks cool. I'd buy one.