Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matsunichi PhotoBlitz 8” Digital Picture Frame

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... Matsunichi PhotoBlitz Digital Picture Frame - PF800M, PF809M. Matsunichi PhotoBlitz 8” Digital Picture Frame. Hmmm. There are a few good reviews out there for these Matsunichi frames. I wouldn't be upset if you decided to woot this one. Enjoy.

p.s. the Sellout.Woot is a Pentax K100D 6.1MP Digital SLR (refurbed - but killer); Wine.Woot is an Iron Horse Sparkling Two Pack with Four Wine Flutes (NYE is calling); and the Shirt.Woot is called "Binge Rat" and has too much going on (pass).

Matsunichi PhotoBlitz 8” Digital Picture Frame - $49.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # 8 inch LCD screen to share photos and movies
  • # 4:3 aspect ratio (PF800M) or 16:9 aspect ratio (PF809M)
  • # 800×600 resolution (PF800M) or 800×480 (PF809M) resolution
  • # 128MB built in memory stores up to 500 photos via resizing function
  • # Comes with interchangeable Cherry and Black frames
  • # Load your Digital Camera’s memory card and watch the slideshow

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