Monday, September 7, 2009

PowerSentry PowerSquid or Philips 5 Outlet PowerSquid

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... Power Sentry Power Squids. Back in February, woot did this same woot with Philips 5 Outlet PowerSquid. Woot did a PowerSentry PowerSquid deal back in December of '08. I guess it did well enough for them to bring iit back. (or maybe PowerSentry is a Philips line. I don't know) Obviously, Philips is a good brand. I'm sure you have some use for this Philips SPS1596WA/17 PowerSquid Power Strip or this Random Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid . And PowerSquid reviews are always fun.

PowerSquid - 2 Pack - $9.99 - (it was ONE for $3.99 back in December)
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # 5 flexible outlets separate cords that are all adapter spaced accommodate multiple devices without crowding
  • # 15 amp circuit breaker, Safeguards against overburdening the surge protector by sensing when the connected equipment is drawing more electricity than the surge protector can handle. It then disconnects from the power, guarding against electrical fires
  • # Master on/off switch controls power to the outlets on the surge protector


marky said...

the first time, I thought these things were interesting. the second time, they were kinda cool. now, theyre just annoying. Anyone else with me on this???

Anonymous said...

Dude. I'm totally with you. Who uses these things, really?