Sunday, December 14, 2008

VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System

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... Revell VEXplorer Robotic Construction System with Wireless Camera. The reviews on this VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System are actually quite good from what 've seen. ANd the price is great in comparison to the comparison shopping engines. It's just the overall price that you might wanna worry about. 80 bucks is a lot to spend on one bratty little cousin who you only see twice a year anyways and probably won't even remember that you gave them this life altering present after they reach puberty.

p.s. the Sellout.Woot is an Xact XG2500 2.4Ghz Cordless Headset Phone; the Wine.Woot is a Titus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack; and the Shirt.Woot is called Kris Blingle and is exactly what any Flava Flav fan would need this xmas.

VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System - $79.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • Build it in less than an hour – With preassembled modules you can build your first robot in less than an hour, then tear it down and build your own robot with your imagination, creativity, and own hands.
  • Endless Configurations – With over 300 parts, VEXplorer can be built in endless configurations. Or design it on the computer using the free Solid Works Design system available with purchase!

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Anonymous said...

not really sure what this thing is. but i think i want a couple.