Sunday, February 22, 2009

Philips Micro Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth, CD, SD, USB & iPod Dock

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... Philips Micro Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth, CD, SD, USB & iPod Dock. Docking stations are great. Philips is a well-known/respected brand. The reviews are good. The price is real good. The product is not refurbished. Therefore, a Philips BTM630/37 Bluetooth Micro Hi-Fi Stereo System with iPod Dock, SD slot, USB, CD, AM/FM, EQ might just be what you need to hit the spot tonight.

p.s. the Sellout.Woot is a Griffin Tempo Armband Case for Sansa e200 Series MP3 Players (Black) - check out the reviews on Amazon. The deal is amazing (wooting for less than a buck), so get it if you have the mp3 player that fits it.

Philips Micro Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth, CD, SD, USB & iPod Dock - $99.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # Playback mobile phone and PC music via Bluetooth® technology
  • # Built-in microphone and speakers for hands-free mobile calls
  • # Auto switch between telephone calls and music playback
  • # Play and charge your iPod (see compatible list below)
  • # USB Direct and SD/MMC card slots for MP3/WMA music playback
  • # One-touch MP3 digital recording in 2X speed – no pc needed
  • # Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound
  • # Digital Sound Control for optimized music style settings
  • # 30W RMS total output power


Chennylyn said...

":-) I too am promoting the Philips BTM630/37

philips btm630/37 said...

What an awesome website, This was my goal to set up something like this, just havent been able to.

Anonymous said...

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