Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monsoon HAVA Titanium TV Streamer and HAVA Wireless Kit

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... Monsoon HAVA Titanium TV Streamer and a HAVA Wireless Kit. Then what? I'm uneducated on this one, but I'm guessing a person would get some kinda Nero viewing software and hook it up through their computer and then watch recorded tv or something? I might be completely wrong though. This might just be a paper weight.

HAVA Titanium HD TV Streamer with Wi-Fi - $79.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # The included USB 802.11g wireless dongle gives you wireless capability directly from TV Streamer
  • # Watch HDTV content from your home or nearly anywhere you can access the internet
  • # Connect any HD video source and watch TV on a Microsoft Media Center, XP or Vista PC without having a TV Tuner installed
  • # Stream live TV to multiple PC’s simultaneously and to another internet connected PC or cell phone somewhere else in the world
  • # Use HAVA to stream TV or video content from a Media Center PC wirelessly to an XBox 360 connected TV
  • # Wireless flexibility and convenience when watching HDTV on your PC in the home or outside


frank said...

Woot has been horrid the past couple days. I can understand why you aren't wasting your time with the blog lately. Please ask your buddies at Woot to bring better products, soon.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Frank. Regardless of Woot's product quality, I miss the witty repartee from Ms Jessie. But if she elects to ignore us, that's OK. I will miss her comments, but my life with move on.

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I'm glad she's been quite. I certainly don't miss the days when they banned her from the board.

Anonymous said...

they did ? when did they do that ?

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She's been banned multiple times for being a spamming ad-click whale. (Replace al with or.) Don't worry though, noone will read this because:

a. Jessie deletes anything that speaks the truuf.
b. Noone goes to this site, except me. I posted all of these comments. Even yours.

Sword Canes said...

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