Thursday, November 19, 2009

MyVu MA-0483 Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer - Universal Edition

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... This one is known as the MyVu Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer. The full name is MyVu MA-0483 Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer - Universal Edition. Or the MyVu Solo Plus EV Media Viewer and the MyVu ACC-CAIP-20030 Cable for iPod/iPhone Conversion Check out some older MyVu Media Viewer posts. You'll see that woot is no stranger to virtual reality. Reviews online aren't too bad. And these things make you look like you're from the future. So what's to lose? Nothing. Exactly.

MyVu Solo Plus EV Media Viewer with iPod and iPhone Conversion Cable - $79.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # Patented SolidOptex® technology for high quality optics in a durable, lightweight design
  • # QVGA quality delivers 320 X 240 resolution
  • # Watch video yet keep your peripheral vision
  • # Superb sound with noise reduction from included stereo earphones
  • # USB-rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 of viewing
  • # USB charge cable included


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Still gheyin' it up I see. How's the basement? Getting many click throughs?

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for those who might be interested to know (anon #1 included). the useful linkage blog has been holding steady at between 100 150 unique visitors per day for quite some time now (and that includes during my recent several week hiatus). i'm very happy with that. thanks for asking. and thanks for the patronage. hehe.

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