Sunday, April 12, 2009

Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game

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... It's a Philips amBX Gaming PC peripherals SGC5103BD Premium Kit and Tom Clancy's HAWX Video Game for PC (Full Version). Fun for the whole family... Or maybe just fun for you. That's just as good, right? THe reviews on the web of this Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit (code named SGC5103BD) are pretty nice. And everyone loves peripherals. Just like new. Worth a shot.

Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game - $99.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # Surround your senses by synchronizing the in-game action with light, color, sound, vibration and air effects to provide incredible gaming immersion
  • # Feel wind against your skin as you steer around a hairpin turn at breakneck speed; sense atmospheric lighting at the edge of your vision while darting through a claustrophobic cave; feel vibrations that increase as an enemy crawls up behind you
  • # Advanced lighting system capable of 16 million colors delivers instant response and reaction as the game happens
  • # Feel every explosion, shot or kick as you play, through the slim line, game activated wrist rumble pad
  • # Everything from a gentle sea breeze to a helicopter gun ship approaching can be simulated by the two 5000 RPM desk top fans


Anonymous said...

It's tough to keep regular readers unless you have regular posts! You don't owe anyone an explanation for the lack of posts from March 24 thru April 11. But an explanation, even a made up explanation, might help us loyal readers to understand your absence. We wish you well. . .please create a whopper of a story. We all like stories.

jessiebyrd004 said...

First, I don't see how that "story" could possibly seem made up. It's so simple and not exaggerated. Second, you win. I admit that I am highly annoyed by your comments. Congrats. Thirdly, thank you for being one of my most loyal visitors/readers.