Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starbucks Sirena Model 398574 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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... I can't think today. But a Starbucks Sirena Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine for $199.99 seems pricey. But possibly worth it. Up to you.

Starbucks Sirena Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine - $199.99
Comparison Shopping Features:
  • # 15-bar pump-driven espresso machine with stainless steel boiler and patented back pressure adapter which adjusts automatically to the coffee’s grind, for a full, rich crema
  • # Sirena’s Rapid Steam™ Boiler gives you continuous,powerful steam—and lets you move from frothing directly to brewing without waiting
  • # Dual brewing spout; one-touch pre-measured single and double shots; user-programmable settings
  • # Sirena’s commercial quality portafilter retains heat easily and has soft grip handle

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