Friday, October 2, 2009

Erector Spykee The Spy Robot for $99.99

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... Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Secutiry Surveillance aka Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Security Surveillance (the second time, I spelled 'security' correctly). Wow. This is clearly one of the coolest toys a human could ever own. The Spykee The Spy Robot reviews are all generally great. And this price is half what you'd find from any online retailer via the CSEs. The only real question is whether or not you have all the appropriate doo-dads on your computer to best utilize the intel Spykee will be acquiring for you. And it was sold on Woot back in August for the same price.

Erector Spykee The Spy Robot - $99.99
Comparison Shopping Some Features:
  • # Spykee is a Robot that you can control with a WiFi connection from your computer
  • # Spykee moves, watches, hears, speaks, takes pictures, records video and sound, and can act as a surveillance camera
  • # Drive the spykee with a joypad or the arrows on your keyboard
  • # Spykee acts as a VOIP phone and webcam, so you can make free calls over the internet


Anonymous said...

please sign me up for the maximum allowed amount to purchase. i can ebay the heck out of these things.

frank t. said...