Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System for $129.99

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... Little Giant Model M17 15 Foot Ladder System. These Little Giant M17 15 Foot Ladders are a good buy if you have a home and would ever use it. Although they do require a pretty large investment, the price you're getting it for from Woot today is more than half the price you'd find it anywhere else. Now you can finally put up those 50 strings of christmas lights that you got on clearance at Target in January of '98. Congrats. The neighborhood kids will love you.

Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System - $129.99
Comparison Shopping Some Features:
  • # Unmatched feeling of stability in any configuration thanks to aircraft-grade aluminum, wide-flared legs, and high quality construction
  • # Multiple configurations, including A-frame, extension, 90-degree access and six different scaffolding positions—buy one ladder to do the job of five
  • # The right ladder for the right job every time and avoid 95 percent of all ladder-related safety issues Scaffolding Storage 90ยบ Access Stepladder Extension

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