Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genie 9575L-BP Universal Laser Parking System

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... Genie 9575L-BP Universal Laser Parking System. Now, this is a very specific woot for a very specific customer. But if you're in the market for a Universal Laser Parking System, I see no reason why you wouldn't love this Genie 9575L-BP system. It's dirt cheap, and the reviews are in the B+ range.

Genie Universal Laser Parking System for the Garage - $9.99
Comparison Shopping Some Features:
  • # Laser guided parking system which automatically activates when your garage door opens
  • # Removes the guesswork about when you need to stop your vehicle in your garage
  • # When you pull your car in the garage, you can line up the laser to a target on your car
  • # Includes 2 laser pointers for a 2 car garage
  • # Laser swivels 360 degrees so that you can mount the laser almost anywhere with a line of sight to your parking spot
  • # Heavy duty sticker allows you to mount the laser to the wall or ceiling without having to drill holes

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