Friday, January 22, 2010

Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator for All

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... Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator - Black. I'm thinking that 'air circulator' is a fancy word for fan. But I'm not an expert on that subject. I've tested this brand of 'air circulator' a lot in my many trips to Bed Bath & Beyond. These little suckers pack a lot of pop. I'd probably call them the Dyson of mid size fans. ANd the reveiws are always solid. So, I'd say this Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator (or Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Fan) is a good buy if you live someplace where it is still warm out.
OR you can buy it for $60-ish from Amazon (only recommended if the woot sells out)-------->

Vornado 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator - $24.99 (was $29.99 back in december)
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Woot it before it sells out!
Some Features:
  • # 3 speed air control that can push air up to 70 feet
  • # Directable airflow provides movement of air at any angle – up stairs, down a hallway, room to room and everywhere in between
  • # Light, portable, and is easy to carry allowing comfort wherever you are
  • # Improves your heating and cooling system by helping to circulate the air inside of a room
  • # Whisper quiet and superior performance
  • # Ideal for den, home office, hearth room, dining room, or the average bedroom
  • # Removable grill and blade for easy cleaning and maintenance

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Anonymous said...

I've seen these at BB&B too. They seem nice. Can't pass up this deal. thanks.