Tuesday, September 29, 2009

VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter on the Cheap

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... VuPoint FSC1VPBX2 Film & Slide Digital Converter. It looks neat. But it caters to a really small niche. I would imagine that you need to have a lot of old slides and film lying around if you wanted to use this VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter. ANd who has that stuff these days? Maybe it's a good gift for you Great Aunt Susie or something. But then consider the fact that the VuPoint FS-C1-VP Film and Slide Digital Converter doesn't get great reviews, and there are hundreds of them to find online. Just be careful.

OR, get it for twice the price on Amazon (if the woot is sold out) ------->

VuPoint Film & Slide Digital Converter - $39.99
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Woot it before it sells out!
Some Features:
  • * Convert 35mm slides and negatives to digital files
  • * Convert up to 5.0 mega pixel quality images
  • * Automatic color balance and exposure
  • * Convert color or monochrome negatives
  • * No additional power source needed, used USB 2.0 port for data and power

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