Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfect Pullup PL7101U by Perfect Fitness

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... If you wanna work out at home, here's a Perfect Pullup PL7101U by Perfect Fitness. Perfect pullup by perfect fitness is perfect for peeps who wanna exercise, but stay indoors. Seems like a smart buy for the wintery seasons.

Perfect Pullup - $14.99
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Some Features:
  • # Adjustable swing arms provides 3 exercise positions for Standing Rows, Australian Pullups, and Rotational Pullups
  • # Rotating handles move with the natural rotation of your arms to engage more muscles in the arms, shoulders and back, while minimizing joint strain
  • # Fits door frames 27” to 36” wide (door is still usable when installed)
  • # US Navy SEAL inspired workouts (PDFs Getting Started and Pullup Power Part 1)
  • # Quick release swing arms provide 3 exercise positions
  • # Swing Arm and bar detach in seconds to clear doorway

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