Friday, January 8, 2010

Philips SRU8112/27 12 Device Prestigo Universal Remote

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... Philips SRU8112/27 12 Device Prestigo Universal Remote. We come across these universal remotes a lot on Woot. They always seem to have decent reviews from all the review site and the Philips SRU8112/27 12 Device Prestigo Universal Remote deals from the CSEs don't come very close to woot's price today So, not a bad idea. And on a related/unrelated note. There's a cheap pair of Sennheiser CX150 Noise Attenuation Earbuds at Sellout.Woot tonight.

Philips Prestigo 12 Device Universal Remote - $29.99
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Some Features:
  • # Extensive infrared code database for most devices & brands
  • # Extensive library of channel icons for easy selection
  • # Control up to 12 devices out of choice of 24
  • # No manual needed for set up
  • # Convenient IR learning from another remote
  • # Easily add and label extra functionality
  • # Activities to control multiple devices with one button press

1 comment:

frank t said...

Universal remotes are the bane of my existence. How could you do this to me????