Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dyson DC24 Ball Upright Vacuum - Blueprint Limited Edition

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... Dyson DC24 Ball Upright Vacuum - Blueprint Limited Edition. Great product. Check out the reviews and you'll be convinced. But I gotta say, a Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition Vacuum for $279.99 is not very woot-errific. That's definitely cheaper than any other place is selling the Dyson DC24 for, but not a WHOLE lot. Factor in the super cheap shipping, and maybe that makes it worth it. It's a close call though. Just keep in mind that this is a GREAT vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition - $279.99
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Some Features:
  • # Suction power – 115 airwatts (constant)
  • # Root Cyclone technology, patented Dyson technology that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum
  • # Ball technology, Rides on a ball so you can get the vacuum where you need it with out pushing and pulling, back and forth around corners and obstacles
  • # The motor is stored inside the ball which gives it a lower center of gravity that improves maneuverability
  • # Ultra-lightweight and compact, lightest Dyson upright machine at 11.65 lbs. The handle also compresses to store in tight spaces
  • # Reversible wand, Reverse the wand and hold the handle to give you a firm grip when reaching into awkward corners
  • # Lifetime washable HEPA filter, Designed to trap microscopic allergens

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