Monday, February 8, 2010

ESPN Game Changer 4 Device Universal Remote Control - 2 pack

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... If you ever wanted two ESPN Game Changer 4 Device Universal Remote Controls, then this is the woot for you. I have little need for universal remotes. I have littler need for two remotes. I have infinitesimally less need for two ESPN Game Changer Universal Remotes. But, with a woot price that's more than half the regular price (and you get TWO, not one), I don't see why you wouldn't give it a go.

ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control – 2 Pack - $7.99
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Some Features:
  • # Remotely operate up to four home entertainment devices
  • # Easy-to-use keys for instant control of DVD and PVR (or DVR) components
  • # Allows you to consolidate your original home entertainment remote controls into one easy-to-use product
  • # Three dedicated ESPN channel buttons, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU
  • # Direct code setup for easy device programming

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