Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set for $649.99

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... There's so much that goes into making this set. First you need a 3” Pairing KDM-0022 and a 5” Utility KDM-0023. Then you grab a 7” Hollow Ground Santoku KDM-0026, a 8” Chef’s KDM-0017, a 8” Slicing KDM-0024, and a 9” Bread/Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicer KDM-0025. Finally, throw in a Sharpening Steel. And, just to be nice, toss in one 11 Slot Block. That's a lot of pieces just to make one Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set. That was a mouth full.

Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set - $649.99
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Some Features:
  • # Made with SG-2 powdered steel, an exotic powdered steel that’s hardened to 64 Rockwell (compared to the 56-58 Rockwell of most kitchen knives), resulting in an exceedingly sharp and smooth edge
  • # Clad with a true Damascus nickel alloy/stainless steel combination
  • # Nickel provides durability and stainless provides corrosion resistance
  • # Blade boasts the benefits of three kinds of metal, which contributes to overall sharpness, strength, and durability
  • # Stays sharp several times longer than even our fabulous Classic line

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