Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Razer Pro Solutions Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

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... Razer Pro Solutions ProClick Mobile Bluetooth Notebook Mouse. A few nice colors to choose from. A few weak colors to choose from. Just be careful when selecting your Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse and don't choose that icky red color. Go with the pink. Also, the Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse reviews seem pretty good. So, $14.99 is probably worth it.

Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse - $14.99
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Some Features:
  • # Uninterrupted Connectivity with Bluetooth 2.0 adaptive frequency hopping, you can be assured of a reliable performance no matter where you are
  • # Ergonomic Form Factor enjoy true comfort on the go, with the ergonomic ambidextrous design and sleek non-slip finishing of the Razer Pro Click Mobile
  • # No Drivers Required with no need for any driver installation, works with Mac or PC (as long as it's Bluetooth compatible)
  • # Ambidextrous design for comfortable fit

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