Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SENZ Original 30" Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella - 9508BLK Black , 9508DKB Dark Blue , 9508KHA Khaki , 9508RLD Red etc.

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... Ok. If I'm being honest, this thing is about as ugly as an umbrella could be. BUT the SENZ Original 30" Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella still gets rave reviews on all the review sites. If you live in one of those ridiculous locations where it rains sideways more often then it rains downward (first, what the heck is wrong with you? move out to southern california and enjoy the beaches, but i digress), this is definitely up your alley. And they have all these designs to choose from: 9508BLK Black, 9508DKB Dark Blue, 9508KHA Khaki, 9508RLD Red, 9508MPT Black/Grey Twig, 9508MPR Black w/Dots Rain, plus a bunch more... I think. Good luck on that. Check out the Aerodynamic Umbrella reviews on Amazon if you want.

SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella - $14.99
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Some Features:
  • * Canopy Dimensions (Opened): 36.6” x 35” (93cm x 89cm)
  • * Umbrella Length When Closed: 30” (76cm)
  • * Weight: 15.3oz (435 gr)
  • * Canopy Material: Nylon
  • * Tube Material: Aluminum

1 comment:

Phil S. said...

WOW. This IS the uglies umbrella I've ever seen. But I am oddly intrigued. Thanks for the links.