Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Systems Trading STC33301 Ecomposter with Spider Base

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... Systems Trading STC33301 Ecomposter with Spider Base reviews look decent. But don't get too excited just yet. This Ecomposter with Spider Base Ecomposter with Spider Base is gonna break the bank at $99.99. Maybe that's cheap compared to other composters, but I'm guessing most wooters would be first-timers. So it might be a bit steep. Then again, growing your own garden is definitely the 'in' thing around town lately. This composting thingy just might be one of the hottest woots of the season.

p.s. don't be fooled by the picture. this isn't some cute, futuristic looking thing you keep on your counter top. this bad boy is HUGE. it's basically the size of one of those beach balls the skinny girls like to do situps on at the gym. fyi.

Ecomposter with Spider Base - $99.99
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Some Features:
  • * Transforms food and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost in about 4 weeks
  • * Holds 71 gallons (268 liters) of food and garden waste (stores over 500 pounds of waste)
  • * Handles all compostable yard, garden, and kitchen waste
  • * Made from reclaimed/recycled Nylon Plastic
  • * Compost can be added to all gardens and potted plants as a natural fertilizer
  • * Takes approximately 2 hours to construct with 2 people
  • * Assembly Manual and User Guide

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Compost Deals said...

I am all for keep landfills from overflowing. And people REALLY should learn to grow their own food. It's healthier (plus, you never know when the farming industry might fold - forcing us all to become full-time hunter gathers). But I think making good compost is going to be tough. You're better off just buying it. I think you can find tons of local people selling ready-made compost on the PennySaverUSA site.