Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kingston SNV425-S2/128GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5 w/ $50 MIR

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... Kingston SNV425-S2/128GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5 with $50 MIR. I'm gonna admint. I have no clue what this one is. I'm not sure what SATA2 means, I don't know what MIR is or why you need $50 worth of it. I'm guessing by the fact that it says "128GB", that it must be some kind of storage thing. But even then, I'm not very sure on that.

Here's what I do know though. The price today is way better than any other ecommerce site, the reviews for this Kingston SNV425-S2/128GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5 are slightly above average. SSD stands for solid state drive. Peeps online say that a decent SSD will save your life. Not sure how, but there it is. Good luck.

Kingston SSDNow 128GB SATA 3 Solid State Drive - $199.99
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Some Features:
  • # Adding SSD to a desktop already using a standard hard disk drive is a smart and efficient way to upgrade
  • # Transferring the operating system and applications from the HDD to the SSD allows the SSD to be used as a bootable drive that takes full advantage of Flash-based technology
  • # The SSD and the HDD then co-exist to drive optimal performance in the upgraded desktop
  • # For notebooks, SSDNow drives are a perfect replacement for hard drives resulting in faster, more reliable performance
  • # Making this change will improve a notebook’s efficiency in a wide range of tasks, from booting up to running the most robust operating system and demanding applications

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