Sunday, January 2, 2011

AeroBed 64125 Family Travel Pack for $74.99

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... AeroBed 64125 Family Travel Pack. Tough to find reviews on this one, but a AeroBed Family Travel Pack is probably a little hard to mess up, not matter who makes them. It's a good deal for only $74.99. But be careful, the more inflatable beds you have lying around your place, the more likely you are to have random friends and family members trying to crash at your house during the holidays or after a party or what not. Hmmm.

AeroBed Family Travel Pack - $74.99
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Some Features:
  • # The perfect solution for sleepovers or family vacations
  • # Includes both a queen and a twin size air mattress with travel bag
  • # Premium wheeled duffel bag features solid wheel construction and a collapsible handle
  • # Inflates to a thickness of 9”
  • # Velvety-flocked soft sleep surface
  • # Oval coils provide add comfort and durability
  • # Powerful new hand held AC pump for fast inflation in 60 seconds or less

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