Friday, February 4, 2011

TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL HD THX DVR

... TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL HD THX DVR. A must have for anyone who doesn't have some sort of DVR set up via their cable company or satellite or something. TiVo Premiere XL High Definition THX Certified DVR will change your life. No matter what you watch. Lots or little. It will make everything so much more amazing in your life. And at only $199.99, it's somewhat worth it.

TiVo Premiere XL High Definition THX Certified DVR - $199.99
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Woot it before it sells out!
Some Features:
  • # TiVo Premiere XL is much more than a DVR. It’s a cable box, a movie box, a web box, and a music box. With Premiere, you’ll not only get the world’s best DVR, you’ll enjoy access to a vast universe of broadband entertainment
  • # *Only $12.95 Monthly Service Plan (Purchase Seperately)
  • # With 1TB HDD, records up to 150 hours of HD programming
  • # THX certified-certified for premium audio and video quality, which includes in-depth analysis of image quality and signal processing to ensure the TiVo DVRs record and replay with accurate color, contrast, and black/white levels
  • # THX Optimizer video calibration tool that lets users fine tune color, black levels and other settings to improve picture quality

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