Friday, September 21, 2007

video capture card sale... Penny Vidful

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...ADS Tech USB Instant Video Capture Device & Software. Sounds hot. Not sure how it might work, but its basically free. To freebies in a row for sellout woot. Must be really fiendin' for some love. I like that. Oops... to bad it's already gone. Better luck next time kidz.

THE More Useful Link O' The Day
ALL Video Capture Stuff UNDER $90 on Shopzilla ... cuz that might be a good deal

Refresher: Today's Woot
ADS Tech USB Instant Video Capture Device & Software - $0.01
Hot Product on Woot
  • # Easy-to-use product that lets you edit your home movies, then burn them to CD so you can share them with friends and create long-lasting archives.
  • # Edit and archive your home movies on CD's
  • # Easy USB connection
  • # Record and create videos on your computer
  • # Capture audio/video from any Analog or S-VHS source
  • # Edit video and burn to CD-R's
  • # Includes Ulead VideoStudio 8SE home video editing software
  • # Connect your analog camcorder, VCR, or DVD Player to your USB Instant Video device with the included Audio/Video cable
  • # Capture your video to your computer via USB then organize your video clips, add effects, titles, music, and transitions.
  • # Burn your video onto a CD as a VCD, or share your video through video-conferencing or video e-mail
  • # Turn Your Camcorder Into A Live Web Cam
  • # Create VCD movies and play them on your DVD player

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wtf. sellout woot sold out in less than a half hour? so far, i'm not happy with sellout woot. I am, however, happy that there is useful linkage for sellout woots. Thanks dogg.