Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Hot Hearts Sell As One on Woot

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... 2 Matsunichi PV143 Digital Picture Keychain. This is perfect if you have a sister who's bday is next week and a cousin who's bday is two days later. Wow. Perfect timing. Too bad I got a different version of this two-fer at BedBath yesterday. I'd be wary about these 2 Matsunichi PV143 Digital Picture Keychain thingies anyways. Not much on the reviews tip to be found, and the one that IS found isn't very good.

THE More Useful Link O' The Day
80 GB iPod Deals at Shopzilla ... cuz wow

Matsunichi Digital Picture Keychain - 2 Pack - $12.99
Hot Product on Woot Features:
  • # 1.1" diagonal LCD display on a 2”x 2” heart shaped pendant
  • # Use it as a keychain or wear it as a necklace
  • # Load your favorite Digital Photos from your PC and watch the slide show anywhere!
  • # Holds up to 56 of your favorite JPEG, BMP, or GIF digital images
  • # Connect with your PC via USB port
  • # Rechargeable Internal Battery


Anonymous said...

No exaggeration, these things are tooo cute.

theGheyAvenger said...

So what's up jbyrd? I really thought you would have given up on this blog by now. Good on ya.

What's up with the single anon comment on each post? Similar phrasing, etc. hmmmm.

jonesy said...

Here's my guess. There is some person who wishes to remain anonymous, but still wants to comment regarding blog posts. Their reason for wanting to remain anonymous could be anything; fame, fortune, prior convictions, etc. Interesting theory, I know. But it makes sense, right?

jonesy said...

p.s. What's up with the guy pushin' RC helicopters like crazy around here. That's even more annoying the GheyAvenger.

jessiebyrd004 said...

I'm not sure where all the RC Helicopter stuff is coming from. I guess, due to the popularity of those things on Woot over the years, my blog ranks well for those keywords and people are trying to borrow my "juice". No bigg though. I can easily delete the annoying ones.

p.s. It's good to have Ghey Avenger (aka anon#1) back in the mix. Sorta. =-P